IT without the smoke and mirrors...

Cloud solutions and backup

Working from more than one location? Fed up with continously spending money upgrading and maintaining your server? You might be ready for a cloud solution. By using the Internet to replicate your data you can stop worrying about how your data is stored and enjoy the freedom of accessing your files wherever you are, and the bonus is you have a ready made disaster recovery solution.

Running applications that require an on site server? No problem, use our cost effective off site backup solution to transfer overnight to our secure servers, only data that has been changed is transmitted. Say goodbye to upgrading expensive tape hardware, remembering to swap tapes every night, running test restores and buying replacement tapes.

Digital signage

Thinking of ways to make your shop front more eye catching? Previously looked at mounting LCD screens and found the cost eye wateringly expensive or the prospect of using dedicated PCs to run them unattractive? Rather than use proprietry components, No Nonsense have economic solutions that run on unobtrusive media players that don't require lots of additional cabling.

The same technology can also be used for internally to display a multitude of real time information, for example showing sales targets, tracking orders, your imagination is the limit!

Hardware and software purchasing

Don't know your Gigahertz from your Gigabytes, we don't blame you! Let us navigate the minefield of specifications and compatability and deliver the right products at the right price. We have accounts with the leading distributors in the UK

Considering investing in software particular to your line of business? A No Nonsense consultant can help you keep an over zealous salesman in check, and help avoid the pitfalls involved procuring complex software systems.

Network design and troubleshooting

Do you have a collection of strange boxes scattered around the office, hiding under desks, connected by a web of tangled wires? Is your Wireless Network as unpredictable as the British weather? It could be time to let us unravel the mysteries of your computer network, and get everything communicating at top speed. We can also install additional cabling, hide wires behind trunking, and install cabinets that give a professional appearance to your office.

Office relocations

Moving office is stressfull at the best of times.  No Nonsense Technology can provide long lasting relief, from planning what goes where, adapting existing infrastructure to suit your needs, to dealing with the nightmare that is BT. We can make sure everything is co-ordinated so that come move day nothing is left to chance.

Telephone systems

Paying an extortianate amount in maintenance to keep an old system running? Frightened by the complexity and expense of modern systems? Let No Nonsense help you navigate the maze of options towards a new system that will make the most of your budget and  streamline your call handling.

Are you expanding and getting frustrated with a lack telephone lines? If you don't fancy paying for more costly ISDN installs, it could be an ideal opportunity to make the switch to Voice Over IP. A hybrid system allows you you to keep your investment in traditional lines whilst tapping into extra capacity via your Internet connection.

Web hosting and design

Confused by the online control panels provided by web hosting companies, you should be! Not for the feint hearted, DNS and SPF records are just two of the acronyms you will need to get to grips with, and if you are thinking about moving to Office 365 you need to make sure you have complete control of your domains. So why not let a human take the strain? With No Nonsense hosting you don't have to worry about hidden extras, or your site going down because of an expired credit card.

Is your website looking a bit tired and retro, or have you yet to take the plunge? Then let No Nonsense provide the inspiration for a new site that perfectly fits your needs, whether it's just a single page brochure site to an all singing, all dancing content mangement system.

Have we missed anything?

Information Technology is an incredibly broad subject, we have only attempted to highlight some of the more popular areas we work in here, but there are many more. If you have an idea or a concept that involves technology, but not sure where to go next or how much it might cost, why not give us a call and see what happens...